CAPITAL COSMETICS, develops individual and unusual fragrance projects, develops new trends and develops individual fragrances for high-quality designer fragrance series and private label house brands.

In developing fragrances for customers, our skill is creating innovative, independent new creations that correspond to a company's corporate identity. In doing this, we differ from many competitors, which often create "knock-off" copies of existing "perfume successes" in order to achieve short-lived market success.

CAPITAL COSMETICS produces exclusive perfumes specially created for customers' requirements. The development of a perfume takes place in close cooperation with the licensor or customer. In particular, we use premium, natural aroma essences which lend confer high quality on the end product.

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We not only create the fragrance, we also design the flacon, the caps and the packaging. In these areas too, we cater to the most unusual customer requirements. Finally, a work of art in its own right made of the most precious fragrances, metal, glass or crystal of the highest quality, distinctive design and a protected recipe comes into being.

Our service – from short to large runs, individual and limited editions. All sorts of perfumes in individualised packaging, high-quality flacons, wooden, plastic and metal caps and refinements of all kinds.