PRODUCTS - The Scent of Time




Over the last 25 years of my career I have encountered innumerable scents, ranging
from floral, fruity and minty notes to powdery nuances. I have also incorporated
earthy, oceanic and even metallic fragrance elements into my creations. There is
only one scent that I had previously been unable to capture: the scent of time. Is it
possible for time to be expressed in a perfume?
THE SCENT OF TIME answers this question. It is the first calendar to express time
in the sensual language of perfume. I have created a unique and unmistakable scent
for every day in my anniversary year 2013.




The year, month and day of the respective date determine the base, heart and head
notes of each scent. Time itself thus creates its own fragrance, day by day. Precious
natural elements are combined to create 365 delightful blends. Each fragrance has
been carefully selected to create a harmonious composition, precisely tailored to the
calendar day.
THE SCENT OF TIME is the most complex project of my career. For the first time
ever I have put together the complete range of scents that a year has to offer with its
four exciting seasons. Presented in 44 individual bottles and arranged in the form of
a classic fragrance organ, these perfumes are just waiting to be brought to life
directly on your skin.