Björn Schröder


Managing Director

Business administration graduate and commercial media specialist Björn Schröder has worked successfully with perfume-maker Kim Weisswange for ten years, performing the management and commercial functions in the company. His core skills are in planning, calculation and implementation of all customer projects. He ensures that all just-in-time production processes are carried out smoothly.

He is the interface at CAPITAL COSMETICS. He is in charge of the purchasing of all raw materials, consumables and supplies, he monitors all stages of the development and manufacturing process up to final production and organises and ensures the proper implementation of our full service for customers. To accomplish this Björn Schröder is assisted by a team of competent, highly-motivated service providers from all creative sectors.

Quality management is one of Björn Schröder's core tasks in the company. To accomplish this, he coordinates all formal steps designed to ensure that all kinds of products, processes and services are continually improved.

Björn Schröder is the link between customers and the manufacturing process. Together with customers, he develop customised concepts for marketable fragrances and care products.