The Manufacturer – CAPITAL COSMETICS GmbH & Co. KG

CAPITAL COSMETICS is an experienced, full-service company that develops, manufactures and sells natural cosmetics and exclusive, highquality perfumes in all segments of the cosmetics market. Our clients are fashion designers, department stores and mail order companies which produce their own house brands and dealer brands.

CAPITAL COSMETICS develops, produces and markets top-quality cosmetics products and perfumes for every purpose and occasion. Whether you're looking for in-house brands or dealer brands for merchandising purposes or as customer gifts, our scent and cosmetic range, will persuade you through its high quality, high skin-compatibility and innovative design. These products improve the image of retail chains, designers and individual retailers and bring the corresponding increased sales.

In the fragrances area, we have written perfume history with the concept of "Unique Perfumes". Numerous fashion designers and dealer chains along with our own lines emphasize our competence in this area. In our recipes we rely on natural ingredients. The masterly use of "essential vegetable oils" makes every perfume an olfactory oasis of the traditional perfume-maker's craft. They are sensual aromatic experiences and have a holistic effect in aroma therapy.

Our success is based on high quality in all areas, from the selection of exquisite, highly effective ingredients when developing the recipe through perfection in designing logos and packaging to designing advertising. Our work is characterised by rapid and efficient project implementation.

Our in-house agency does all the work connected with product design, advertising and services as well as individual customer care. Our competent creative team is made up of marketing experts, communication designers, packaging designers, graphic artists and copywriters.